What Do the Numbers Mean?

Tuesday night (July 19, 2011), our Interim Finance Director Doug Moseley gave his report on the financial health of the City of Prattville. Moseley had some very good news to share.

City revenue is 8.91% higher than last year at this time. This means the City of Prattville has taken in $2,018,280.81 more this fiscal year to date than last year (the comparative period runs October 1-June 30 last year and the current year).

The temporary 1% sales tax increase, which began on May 1st, has generated an additional $438,866.80. This money is being utilized to pay down our debt service.

Mayor Bill Gillespie and the City Council worked tirelessly with city department heads to make hard decisions, some of them not very popular, in order to cut the budget down from $37,016,100 to $33,461,556.87. Due to these cuts and other cost-saving measures, the City has spent $5,336,687.49 less than the previous fiscal year.

The City of Prattville will continue to keep our citizens apprised of our financial health as we strive to be good stewards of taxpayer's money.