If you missed any of these great articles in our e-newsletter or when they were "latest news" articles, here's another opportunity to see all that has happened in the Parks & Recreation Department.

City Officials Break Ground on Mac Gray Park Capital Project

PGSL Makes Donation to Newton Park Upgrades

Newton Park "D.I." Generates Improved Parking & Curb Appeal

Coming Soon - Mac Gray Park Renovations!  

Improvements Made to Soccer Fields

Vandalism Costs Us All a Great Deal

Burning Ball Fields During Winter Dormancy

Splash Pad Receiving Enhancements for Next Season

City/ACBOE Partnership Benefits Stanley-Jensen

Upper Kingston Gets New Playground

Stadium Parking Changed to Reflect Growing Needs

Pratt Pool Gets Overhaul; Made Like New

Removal of Old Wall Sign

Upper Kingston Gets New Irrigation

A Child's Place Gets a Facelift

Playground Replaced at Cooters Pond Park

History of the Musgrove Fountain

Dead Tree Removed at Pratt Park

Autauga County Medical Society Makes Donation to Splash Pad

Work Being Done on Cooters Pond Docks

Prattville Swim League Takes 2nd at State Championships

Construction Has Begun on the Splash Pad

ACFA Donates $10,000 to Splash Pad Project

Getting Newton Park Ready for Opening Day

Getting Whetstone Sports Complex Ready for Opening Day

Tree Downed in Pratt Park Due to Storm

Pratt Park Received $142,000 in Grants from Coca-Cola & ADEM for Splash Pad Project

River Region Soccer Club Donates to Upper Kingston Park

Lions Club Donates to Pratt Park

City, County & PHS Work Together to Keep Stadium Ready for Play

What Keeps the Water Flowing at Pratt Pool?

Gillespie Center Programs Add Quality of Life

Leisure Servcies Gears Up for Spring Sports