Health & Wellness

At the launch of the Let's Move! initiative in 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama said, "The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake."

Here, in Alabama, we find ourselves to be ranked as some of the most obese, unhealthy populations in the nation. Of all our claims to fame in this great state, and in our own Preferred Community, this is not a statistic that instills pride.

The City of Prattville is encouraging its employees to take steps to get healthier. This initiative should, over the course of time, decrease healthcare expenses for both the City and employees alike.

We are starting this health and wellness section on our website to get our entire community moving and eating healthier in hopes that it will enhance the quality of life for all our residents. While we are "under construction" here on the city website, we are also promoting as a great resource in getting started. River Region Lean is taking health and wellness to a social level providing a place to interact, get good information, keep track of your progress and so much more. While they currently show walking trails in Montgomery, we hope in the next week or so to get them to include our walking trail maps currently being generated by our GIS staff on their site. They will also be made available here for viewing and downloading.

Get excited, get moving, eat healthier, and live well!