Keep Your Lawn Maintained

The Code Enforcement Inspector is responsible for enforcement of City Ordinances passed by the City Council pertaining to the abatement of nuisances, which are a danger to the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens, such as weeded lot, abandoned vehicles, stagnant pools, illegal signs and other code violations.  

Following a procedure established by Section 11-67-62 of the Code of Alabama, 1975, the Prattville City Council is able to declare weeded lots a public nuisance, mow the property, and file a lien to recover the cost associated with correcting the nuisance. From May to October of each year, the Planning Department submits a list of nuisance properties for consideration on each Prattville City Council agenda. If declared a nuisance by the Council, notice of public hearing is sent to the owner of the property and published in the Prattville Progress. About a month following the initial finding, a public hearing is held by the Council. If the property has not been mowed by that time, the Council releases city staff to have the property cut. Once the nuisance is corrected, the Council adopts a resolution adding a lien to the property’s tax bill.

If you have questions about a weeded lot or other nuisances in your neighborhood, please submit a work order to the City of Prattville by clicking the link: Work Order System or email code enforcement officers  or .